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Friends of Queen's Pier, Ramsey, Isle of Man.

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Your Comments

"Its part of our heritage"

"A Gem of a Pier"

"I remember going on the pier when I was a child"

"I hope the money will be found to restore the Pier"

"I remember my father taking us for rides on the train"

To the Friends of Ramsey Pier :-

It was with great interest that I read of your continued efforts to restore Ramsey Pier to it's former glory. I wish you every success and hope that someday I may again enjoy a walk along the Pier. My first introduction to the Pier - which I must confess I don't remember , was when I first arrived on the Island at the age of 3 months ! My Mother and I were joining my Father who had secured a position as Gamekeeper to the Formby estate. The boat had sailed from Silloth, the weather absolutely dreadful and the journey had taken many hours. Since that time we left the Island but returned many times over the years, now I am retired with my husband and living on the Island. Looking at the Pier in it's present state saddens me as I recall many happy hours spent there. Please accept my good wishes for the success of your valiant efforts.

Yours sincerely, Elizabeth

Dear Sir/Madam

I have just spent a pleasurable half an hour looking through your excellent website and I must say I am impressed. Ironically I have just spent the last couple of hours adding three pictures to my website of the Queens Hotel fire in 1983 - This Hotel as you probably already know was just opposite the Great Queens pier and I thought you may like to have a look at the pictures

http://www.manx.net/fire/bygone years.htm

Kindest regards and keep up the excellent work.

Peter Killey

Just seen the report on Look North West about Ramsey Pier, and was interested to see that a decision on the Pier's future is imminent. Do we have any idea as to how the decision will go ( ie will they support it, or let it fall into the Irish sea ).? I heard that a figure of £2 million was needed, and whilst this is a lot of money, by Government standards it is hopefully a figure that is not too extravagant. One way or another a decision is needed. As a frequent visitor to the island, and Ramsey, I only hope that the Pier is restored. It is a major landmark not just of Ramsey but of the Island, and I cannot imagine approaching Ramsey on the coast road, or the mountain road, and not seeing the Pier. Please continue to lobby, and let us hope for good news

Yours Sincerely, Colin Fitton

My name is Helen Skillicorn. I live in the Isle of Man and I have done for the past 17 years.

My father is Manx he comes from Ballaskeg and even though he left the Island at the age of 18 years to seek work across, he used to bring our family to the Island for our summer holidays. My parents married in Ramsey. So we always used to stay in Ramsey. Apart from remembering going on the beach and the Mooragh park, I remember our many visits to the Pier; waiting at the gates for the train to come and take you out to the end where there was a small cafe. We would have an ice-cream and then sit on the steps watching the sea lap around the legs and see all the mussels clinging on. We would collect some for bait when we went catching crabs. If we caught the train out we would walk back or walk out and get the train back. Lovely happy times and many memories that you could not forget once you experienced the trip to the Queen's Pier. Its very sad that it has been left to deteriorate over the years. I hope the people of the Island get their wish and something is done in the near future, saving the Pier is very much a priority in a lot of minds.

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