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A Short History of
The Queen's Pier at Ramsey

1999 Report received stating Pier remains in much better condition structurally than many Piers still in use around the United Kingdom. They estimate that full refurbishment will cost £1.273 million. Copies of this report sent to Department of Transport in February. Minister Brown visits Llandudno on fact finding mission. All MHKs and MLCs given synopsis of "Friends Report".
2000 Over 2,500 people attend annual "open day". Many express annoyance at total lack of progress.
Jul 2000 Petition of Grievance presented to HRH The Prince of Wales on Tynwald Day.
2001 DoT finally release their draft report 16th February and give 'interested parties' 19 days to respond. Manx National Heritage strongly object to the conclusions.
Mar 2001 "Friends" organise a coach party for a friendly protest outside Tynwald where Minister Brown is due to explain his Departments unfortunate delays.
Apr 2001 Report submitted to Tynwald.
The report ducks the issue and attempts to hand over responsibility for the Pier to MNH.
Tynwald direct DoT told to liaise with MNH and other parties, including FQPR and RTC. This never happens.
At MNH's behest yet another Report is commissioned at a cost of £68,000. This time for a full Heritage restoration.
Nov 2001 This report is received with a price tag of up to £17m. It is of course rejected.
Feb 2002 DoT attempt to de-Register the Pier. Application blocked.
Oct 2002 DoT withdraw application to de-Register. Pier continues to 'enjoy' protection.
Dec 2002 DoT issue "Prohibition Notice" on Health and Safety grounds. (Is this is so that no-one can go on the Pier to assess its good condition?)
Feb 2003 The Friends are contacted by Mandall Engineering who were responsible for Saltburn Pier Restoration. They suggest a figure of £3.2m. Friends also ask BW Partnership to revisit their report for price updating. This comes out at £2.5-£4m. Maintenance £35K after 5 years. DoT issue Press release re proposed remedial works and assures that Local consultations will take place. Planning application RB154 (This is thrown out as the Pier is Registered and needs specific RB consent. Even after all these years DoT fail to grasp this fact.). The consultations never take place.
Apr 2003 (Really!) Transport Minister Shimmin and DoT team hold meeting in Ramsey with interested parties. Mr Shimmin says he does not want to be remembered the Minister "who pulled down the Pier." DoT applies for Fee money for yet another report.
Jul 2003 DOT refuse permission to hold Pier Day. So Friend's hold "Beneath the Pier Party"
Dec 2003 DoT finally get around to asking BW to produce another Report.
2004 Minister Shimmin in consultation with Tynwald Colleagues restates his wish and suggests a "Consultation group". BW Report puts figure of £5.8m on a restoration that involves massive intervention above Pile level.
Mr Shimmin attends Friends AGM and again promises Discussion group to seek a way forward.
Sep 2004 This group finally meets. They talk all around the subject but "Planning Dept" are never invited until "Friends" insist they must be present. Discussions are meaningless without their input. Meetings eventually founder due to DoT obduracy in trying to get everyone to support their view and thus have "ownership" of any outcome. DoT Minister Shimmin will approach Tynwald in Feb 2005 for funding for another report to "test the mood of Tynwald."
Feb 2005 Total silence so Friends request progress report on earlier promises.
Apr 2005 DoT says Minister not yet ready. How long does it take?

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