Why roofing contractors are helping with the project

Why are Roofing Contractors helping with the Queen’s Pier Restoration Project?

The Queen’s Pier is a historical landmark built-in 1886. In January 1994 meeting was held to discuss the uncertainties surrounding the future of Queens Pier. Members of the group were called the Friends of Queens Pier Ramsey. The friends conclude that it is better to renovate it instead of demolishing the pier. Being a landmark of the country and visitor’s attraction in the north of the Isle of Man, it was decided to renovate the Queen’s Pier.

Problems in the Restoration Project

The Queen’s Pier Restoration Trust was made to collect the funding required for the project. It was estimated to cost around £2.5 million, which is a considerable amount. Many fundraising events were held, but collecting such a vast amount was not easy. However, the fundraising did not stop. The meeting was held to discuss other options, such as entering into a partnership with a private company.

However, there were no takers because of the vast capital required and the cost saver’s government policies. Finally, the Queen’s Pier Restoration Trust gave up in their attempts to get funding support and contacted the local council about financing this project.

Why And How Roofing Contractors Came To Help?

To get approved by the funding body, the initial plan was to make the restoration project private. However, they encountered many problems when they were looking for a private company. Some companies had other commitments, and some did not want to take any responsibility for this project.

The Queen’s Pier Restoration Trust also got in touch with some individuals who wanted to make part of the restoration project. The Roofing contractors offered many of their services for free, and they also hired many. They gave the required cost of the project each year, and it was believed that this project would get sufficient funding.

Why Are The Essential For This Project?

The Queen’s Pier Restoration Trust needed the Roofing contractors’ support to get their work approved. The Roofing contractors are responsible for helping with all of the essential things which are important for this project:

  • They helped with planning, preparation, and implementation of restoration.
  • In addition, they were involved in organizing many exhibitions, rallies, and fundraising events.
  • They continued to help with building services such as Roofing, air conditioning units, and many electrical systems installed on the pier.
  • They also took responsibility for providing maintenance services. This includes cleaning, security, and electrical services, which are essential for protecting this historical landmark.

The Queen’s Pier Restoration Trust was able to get founding funding of around £2.5 million despite the fact that they did not have the support of any other private company. However, even after getting this funding, they still needed approval from the funding body, which could have taken some time.

The Roofing contractors offered many things for free and continued their contributions through different fundraising events, exhibitions, rallies, and so on. This way, they were able to get approval from the funding agency, which was quick and easy.



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